One silver dollar

By Virginia Márquez ·

In 1965, a spaghetti western movie called international attention. The entire world movie theaters filled up to see the fatal outcome of the film One Silver Dollar.The plot of the film was very simple: two brothers, separated for a long time, meet again. One of them chases a criminal, whom he must capture, and found out that it’s s his own blood.

All resemblance to the reality that governs our country, it’s mere coincidence. But, the association with this thriller is not casual. Obeys to point out a company that aims to restore values, and not the moral or ethical, but the monetary.

At this point, the majority of the Argentinians agree that there is a plan, and that is not true that the government party, Cambiemos,is erratic or inefficient.On the contrary, they are applying the proposed goals with a prediction accuracy – Minister Nicolás Dujovne would say.

The second point is to elucidate who gave them those proposes; where does the proposals come from? Is it Macri’s ? is it the economy team? is it some mischievous goblin who sleeps at the Government House?

NO. The economic and financial suffering of our country is due to the two factors that were associated against us.

One of them is structural and is due to our ancestral dependence on the dollar. The Argentine economy is dollar dependent. So, it’s obvious that if someone sneezes on Wall Street, there is going to be an epidemic of colds.At some point, the world tried to respond to this economic factors. The Chinese and Russian governments proposed changing the currency that governs international negotiations for a more neutral value. By then, some doomsayers predicted the end of the US, which would stop receiving a lot of extra money for financial services, just for being the headquarters of the currency game. The use of the dollar as barter value in transactions has its collateral conveniences.

In this context, the IMF intervenes for two reasons: to account for the support – almost personal – of the president Christine Lagard to the management of Mauricio Macri in the G7 without Russia, 2018. And, to”help”us pass the global crush that is looming with the massive transfer of wealth from all of the dollar-dependent countries to the Treasury of the United States.

Yes. Other cinematographic metaphors would serve to illustrate the current moment and the real risk facing Argentina. As if it were a fiction between protectors and predators, there is a program to absorb national riches; as if an immense vacuum cleaner pocketed the reserves of the Central Bank to transfer them -as immense Zeppelin- to Fort Knox.
The other cause is circumstantial, started with the triumphal vote that led to Cambiemos to the power. (If the shoe fits, wear it ). Also, it’s fair to say that on the other side, they didn’t do enough.

The Macri’s voters , the Carrió’s voters , the blank voters; unknowingly chose “the game of the 50 masks” ,preselected by the trio Macri-Sturzenegger-Dujovne for the game. And now, the consequences. Aligning yourself under the reign of an eagle,implies that the eagle will eat your chicks.

And the officials of the multi-secretaries of economy , like preachers of a satanic sect, do not hesitate to throw into the sacrificial pyre, thousands or millions of Argentinians who will fall from the socio-economic system, from their deep economic measures.
And all for what, someone will ask who clings to objective reason. To debase us progressively: first the lower classes, then the middle classes and finally the agro-export oligarchy association ?

Definitely yes. Again, the corsairs went out to collect from the colonies. That’s the plan of the global power: that only the dollar, transformed into an eagle, crosses the high skies of the planet. This may be why Donald Trump proposes the return of Russia. It could be the main course reserved for the end of the banquet.

However, the president of the European Council Donald Tusk has a different taste from the United States. And, to decompress the tension in Canada, very comfortable expressed his pleasure to retain the conformation of the powerful group with seven the members; since their culture attributes good luck to that number.

To support the attack, the Central Bank has its own cabal: entrench itself with a silver dollar protecting its heart. Meanwhile, like water that runs off between hands, riches evaporate with staggered devaluations; and the people are abandoned to hunger and social disintegration.

The mentioned shield would leave the geniuses counting stars on a empty sky of brilliance and real power…Ah, and something else. National reserves in gold are well guarded by the United Kingdom. If it even seems like a divine plan hatched in some Olympus.